Firefighter Hunter Blevins
​Chaplain Josh Ehrler

Firefighter Sawyer Foss
Firefighter James Higley
Paramedic Breanna Hoffman
Firefighter/EMT-Basic David Hoffman
Engineer Gerry Hough
Firefighter Rick Hough
​Firefighter Jakob Hughes

Firefighter/EMT-Basic Courtenay Lewis
Firefighter Kyle Lundquist
Firefighter Dakota Olalde
Firefighter/EMT-Basic Zack Pennington
Firefighter Garrett Scott
Firefighter Chad Stauffer

Photographer Jerry Stauffer
Firefighter/Paramedic Justin Stewart
Firefighter/EMT-Basic Nathan Theisen
Firefighter Ben Taylor
​​​Firefighter Brent Wolber
EMT-Basic Jordan Yount

District Officers

Fire Chief/EMT Basic Robert G. Hough IV

Assistant Fire Chief Jeffery Warren

Captain Ryan Fletcher
Captain/Paramedic Mark Lewis
Lieutenant/Paramedic Nickolas Hoffman
Lieutenant/Paramedic Warren Bontz

District Personnel

Scott Diehl - President

Bill Horst - Vice President

Marjorie Lundquist - Secretary

Darline Beard - Trustee

Sharron Wallace - Trustee

Paul Smith - Treasurer

All Meetings begin at 7:00pm and are held at the Mt. Morris Firehouse at 15 E. Center St.

Board of Trustees

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