Mission Statement

The safety and well being of the citizens of the Mt. Morris Fire Protection District are the sole purpose of this organization’s existence. We pledge to the citizens and the individuals that pass through the boundaries of the Mt. Morris Fire Protection District, that we will serve, protect and assist in their emergency needs in a professional, efficient, caring and responsible manner. When asked, we will lend assistance to any of our fellow fire departments that are in need of equipment, manpower, moral or emotional support. As trained professionals we stand ready to respond, when called, anytime of the day or night under any type of conditions to assist to the public in their emergency needs of pre-hospital care, health care, fire suppression or rescue/extrication. We will concentrate efforts to inform and educate the citizens, especially the youth of our district, about proper fire safety and prevention habits. We pledge that our members’ training will be “up to date” and current with the newest advances in techniques. Our equipment and apparatus will be maintained in the highest working order and continually evaluated for upgrading.

​This above we pledge to you – the citizens of the Mt. Morris Fire Protection District.