- Halloween Safety -

Once again this year the Mt. Morris Firefighter’s Association will be handing out glow necklaces to Trick or Treaters.  Necklaces will be handed out to children who visit the firehouse during Trick or Treat hours on a first come basis.  The necklaces will be provided to assist with their safety.  Village Trick or Treat hours are 5:30pm to 8pm on Thursday, October 31.  Please follow some basic safety tips to make your Halloween safe and fun.  Have each child carry or wear something lit, such as a flashlight, glow braclet or necklace, or flashing attire for visibility.  Light up shoes are also practical and ever so noticeable on a dark Halloween night.  Purchase only costumes, wigs and props labeled flame-resistant or flame-retardant.  When creating a costume, choose material that won’t easily ignite if it comes in contact with heat or flame.  Avoid billowing or long trailing features.  Trick or Treaters should walk, not run, and should never cut across lawns or driveways.  Obstacles could exist that aren’t readily visible in the evening.  Cross the street only at crosswalks.  Watch for cars, they may not be watching for you.  Do not walk out from between parked cars.  Only Trick or Treat at house that have a lit porch light.  Residents who do not wish to be bothered by Trick or Treaters often leave their lights off as a sign.  Respect their preference by only going to houses that are lit.  An adult should always accompany small children.  Always stay together as part of a group.  Have an adult inspect all candy and treats before eating any.  Have a Safe, Scary and Happy Halloween!