Mt.‚Äč Morris Fire awarded a 2006 Fire Act Grant

The Mt. Morris Fire Protection District, Mt. Morris, IL has been awarded a 2006 Fire Act Grant by the Department of Homeland Security. The $36,000 dollars ($1,800 local share and $34,200 Federal share) will be used to purchase a new diesel generator to operate the Mt. Morris firehouse. A World War II surplus generator currently supplies the firehouse with emergency power. The current generator will not run the entire firehouse only some lights and heating. The grant will allow the purchase of a new diesel skid type generator to be placed outside of the firehouse. The generator will provide plenty of clean power to run the entire firehouse and all of its functions (all heating, cooling, lights, air compressors, so on). Another plus of the generator is when power is lost from the commercial power grid the generator will automatically start and switch the station over to emergency power. The Mt. Morris Fire Protection District provides Fire Suppression, Technical Rescue and Paramedic Level Emergency Medical Care to its District. The District is located 100 miles directly west of Chicago in the rural farmland of Northern Illinois. The District serves the village of Mt. Morris with its 3100 residents. The remainder of the District encompasses the five townships of Mt. Morris, Pine Creek, Lincoln, Rockvale and Oregon-Nashua. The District serves a total of  45 square miles with a total population of 5,000.