- Mt. Morris Fire Responds Mutual Aid with Oregon for a Structure Fire -


On December 5th, 2007 Mt. Morris Fire responded to a multi alarm fire in the neighboring City of Oregon for a structure fire at 1101 S. Second St. Kable Fulfillment Services, a Mt. Morris based company that handles newsstand and magazine subscriptions, currently occupied the building. The building was built around 1905 as a plant for Carnation Milk Co. There were roughly 20 employees in the building when it has been reported a fork truck operator struck a ceiling hung natural gas heater. The ruptured gas line ignited causing the blaze. All occupancies safely evacuated the building prior to the arrival of the first arriving fire companies. Upon the arrival of Oregon Chief Heller an immediate request for a simultaneous 2ndand 3rd alarms on MABAS box 31. Mt. Morris responded with Engine Co. 5702 and Truck Co.5759 as well as Chief Hough. 5702 was assigned to supply water to Oregon Truck Co. 5351. 5759 was set up at the Alpha/Delta (South-West) corner and after ventilating set up for ladder pipe operations. The fire progressed rapidly throughout the building and additional alarms were struck by Command. Mt. Morris also sent Tender Co. 5776. By night fall over 30 fire companies and 200 firefighters had fought the fire. Despite their efforts the building was a total lost. Luckily no injuries occurred to any firefighters or employees, which is quite amazing considering the subfreezing temperatures and all of the water and ice.