- Mt. Morris Fire responds Mutual Aid to Oregon for a Structure Fire

On October 12, 2016 the Mt. Morris Fire Protection District was requested to 700 E. Washington St. in Oregon for a Structure Fire.  Mt. Morris was due with a RIT Co. and Chief.  Squad Co. 5747 responded along with Chief Hough.  Upon arrival Oregon Command put Squad Co. 5747 to work instead of RIT.  Mt. Morris was requested to send an Ambulance as there were patients from the fire.  Oregon upgraded MABAS Box 32 to the second alarm level which requested a Truck Co. from Mt. Morris.  Truck Co. 5759 set up on the Alpha side and went to work on supression and overhaul.  Squad Co. 5747's company worked on suppression in the main fire room.  Mt. Morris companies were on scene for several hours before being released by Oregon Command.