The Mt. Morris Fire Protection District is currently accepting applications for Part-time EMTs and Paramedics with the potential for some Full-time employment within a year. We professionally serve an area of 45 square miles with around 4,500 residents. We staff one ALS Ambulance and have a second ALS Ambulance for second ambulance calls. We run about 750 ambulance calls a year. Part-time employees would be asked to cover shifts when Full-time employees are off. Full-time work a 24/48 schedule, starting at 08:00hrs. Part-time shifts are flexible but cover the same schedule as full-time. Part-time EMT-Basics start at $10.73 an hour. Part-time Paramedics start at $12.25 an hour.

Qualified Candidates will meet the following requirements:
-Licensed Illinois Department of Public Health EMT-Basic or Paramedic.
-Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
-Have a valid Illinois Driver’s License.
-Submit to a background check.
-Be able to lift in excess of 150 lbs.
-Must be able to perform all essential job functions of an EMT or Paramedic.
     -lifting/moving patients
     -pushing & pulling a stretcher etc.
-Submit to a Pre-employment drug screening.
-Must comply with all District policies & procedures.
-Must be part of OSF St. Anthonys Medical System OR in good standings with your current system.

The EMT & Paramedic job function is to transport sick and injured persons by ambulance in a manner conducive to their safety and comfort and to administer pre-hospital treatment within the limits defined by the State of Illinois law and OSF St. Anthonys Medical Director & limitations defined by their license level.  For more information call Lt. Mark Lewis at (815)734-4322 or email at

The Mt. Morris Fire Protection District is an Equal Opportunity Employer

- Mt. Morris Fire Improves it's ISO Rating -

      In May 2016, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) performed a routine audit of the Mt. Morris Fire Protection District.  ISO staff reviewed the District’s fire-suppression capabilities based on a variety of factors such as fire department equipment, staffing and training, the distance of individual properties from fire stations and fire hydrants, water supply, and communications.
      Following the comprehensive review and analysis of these factors, ISO then assigns communities a fire-protection class (PPC) that ranges between 1 (best) and 10 (unprotected). ISO’s classifications are used by nearly all property insurance companies as a factor in setting homeowners’ and commercial property insurance rates. Insurers calculate fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties on the basis of these classifications.  
     The portion of the District within the Village of Mt. Morris remained unchanged, a PPC of 4. The area of the District outside the Village improved from a PPC 7 to a 4. The new PPC will be effective December 1st, 2016.
     “Our ability to improve our district’s fire-protection was positively influenced by improvements to our district’s equipment, water, and training,” said Fire Chief Rob Hough “We want to thank the citizens and taxpayers for their support, which allowed us to continually upgrade our training and equipment”
      Residents who live outside the Village within the District should contact their insurance agents to find out if the improvement will have an impact on their insurance premiums. 

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