Mt. Morris Fire was honored to place into service its newest piece of equipment, a new Engine Co. The new Engine is a 2021 Spartan/Toyne and will be first due on most alarms throughout the District. The new Engine is replacing the Districts 1996 Spartan/Toyne Engine. Despite the rain showers, a brief ceremony was held for the Firefighters to mark the occasion. Hoses and equipment were moved from the retiring Engine to the new one. Then Firefighters ceremoniously pushed the Village’s 1895 Hose Cart into the Firehouse. The tradition of “housing” apparatus comes from the days of hand drawn apparatus, such as the Hose Cart. The apparatus was literally hand pulled to each alarm and following the alarm, it was pushed, by hand back into the Firehouse. Following housing the 126 year old apparatus, Firefighters pushed the new Engine into the Firehouse, officially placing it in service. What better of a way to solidify the Village’s Fire Department’s history then to house the Hose Cart and then the new Engine Co.  Chief Whitman and all of the Mt. Morris Fireman were just as proud of their new Hose Cart in 1895 as Chief Hough and the Firefighters are of their new Engine in 2021. 

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New Engine Co. 5702 Housing

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